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Aravan, petroglyphs. Osh oblast. Aravan petroglyphs are located on a cliff on the right bank of the river of the same name, on the outskirts of the village Aravan. Large image of 2 pairs of horses, probably mares and stallions. Next to the pictures of horses on the steep rock cliff you can see the tiny figures of goats, or deer with bird beaks, as well as the figure of a hunter with a taut bow. There are also abstract images that resemble horseshoes or letter alphabet. These petroglyphs are typical of the ancient Scythian tribes, suggests that material culture has spread to these places, perhaps long before the ancient state of Davan, and the Fergana Valley was one of the oldest regions of the formation of human civilization.
 Unique natural tract with historical artifacts, as is often the case in more recent times has become a sacred place venerated by pilgrims. In Duldul satisfy participants, it is called Ota, and, apparently, is connected with the cult of Hazrat Ali, a place where worship scattered throughout the outskirts of the Ferghana Valley.