I traveled to Uzbekistan and got acquainted with ancient centuries of old cities and unique architectural monuments. Our tour to the Chimgan Mountains came to my expectation. I like very much stunning panorama from cable car. The weather for me was a little bit hot. I think it's better to visit Uzbekistan in spring or autumn, however there will be much more tourists.

Kate, Feedback.

When I went on a trip to Central Asia, my parents were very worried about me. Unknown countries, my friends said that they steal brides there. In general, everyone dissuaded me. I was with my friend, therefore, I had protection and did not worry. Now I can tell you for sure that this is a tradition of bygone days. Nobody steals anybody. Tourists travel through the beautiful sunny countries of the east. We had a good guide who told many interesting stories and a very attentive driver. I recommend you to visit these countries and do not be afraid.

Mehri, Feedback.

This year I visited the capitals of two Central Asian countries: Bishkek and Tashkent. In Kyrgyzstan, I also went to Issyk Kul and traveled to the village of Chon Kemin. Kyrgyzstan is an amazing country with the highest snow-capped mountains, beautiful gorges and mountain rivers. I liked the mountain lake, by the way the second largest alpine lake in the world, but the water is not like in sea. I didn't want to swim, but there were many lovers of sobering water. As for the capital Bishkek, it is a rather developed city with a peculiar architecture of the Soviet era. Tashkent is more dominated by oriental flavor, the area is clean and there are a lot of green trees. Contact the Asia Miracles, you can really rely on them.

Niko, Feedback.

Our trip to Issyk Kul Lake was amazing. The lake is with crystal clear water, always wants to swim. The weather was very good. Thank you for help in booking a resort center and boat tour.

Nargiza, Feedback.

Before our trip, I read a lot about Tajikistan. Most of all I remember the beautiful Fan Mountains. And in fact it is true, atmosphere there is really special and now I wanted to return there again. Most of all, in Kyrgyzstan I was impressed by Lake Son Kul Lake. In one day we experienced 4 seasons, it was sun, wind, rain, snow and even hail, after which a rainbow peeped out. The organizers showed us welcomed support and care during the whole travel.

Uma, Feedback.

Lan Yeng
We started our jeep tour in Kazakhstan and the last point of our wonderful trip was in Tashkent. Our adventure was joyful with a lot of fun. Cars were excellent, very good accommodation recommended by tour operator. By the way, cars were never failed during the whole tour.

Lan Yeng, Feedback.