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Day 1: Tbilisi
It is the day when you start the investigational tour along Georgia, starting from the Tbilisi International airport. It is going to be the view of Tsminda Sameba, the main church of the land. Along with being the main one, it seems to be the highest one. Following the trip then, the historical location of Metekhi area is visited. It is located close to the Assumption Church being based at the height of the hill, as next locations are seen in the Rike Park, Bridge of Peace, Narikala fortress. The latter one is popular for the cable car and amazing views of panorama. Also today we are going to visit the Botanical Garden, famous for the outstanding waterfall. But for reaching it you get to sulfuric baths of XVII-XIX cc. So the day came to an end and you have a walk along the streets of the capital, with then getting to Lively Shardeni street and the Sioni Cathedral. Hotel is ordered for the night now.

Day 2: Tbilisi - Kakheti - Telavi
The Kakheti region is reached this morning. It is seen as one of the most striking regions of the country, being the one where wine is created. At the same time here in the region we are able to view the Telavi center. This center is the basement of the Tsinandali estate, the property of the royal family Chavchavadze. The territory of the estate is known for green maze and cellars of wine, taken from all over the world. Little later, the view of the Batonis Tsikhe Fortress should be taken into consideration as it is the site of Khareba winery with the wines of the country. Here wine is tried as well as national bread shoti is seen on how to cook. Night is offered in the hotel.

Day 3: Telavi - Signaghi - Tbilisi
Today we are driving the tour to the small city Signaghi, being taken into account as of the Italian style, the city of love and exquisite architecture. Then the sight of the Bodbe Monastery is taken into account and we are going to visit the site where the grave of the famous enlightener of the country, saint Nino is located. Here there is a spring "Nino's water", being of the healing qualities. For the conclusion of the day, the exploration of David Gareja a rock-hewn monastery complex is organized. It was seen in the 6th century by St. David Garejeli, one of the thirteen Assyrian fathers. Night is taken in the hotel.

Day 4: Tbilisi - Gudauri - Tbilisi
Our members of the company make a visit of Ananuri medieval fortress, based at the Zhinvali reservoir. It is one of the most fantastic sites of the region of Georgia, which used to be the fort for the protection of the past times. The investigation of the country is going on and we are glad to make a witness of resort town Gudauri, being taken at the height of 3000m. As the heights are great, there is a possibility to take climbing or skiing here. Having had rest at Sour Waters of Vedza, the route is made to Stepantsminda settlement. The mount Kazbek is of the unique location here, as at the foot the settlement we have mentioned before is based and at the top of it the old Gergeti Trinity Church is known to be. The height of it 2170m, by the way. The trip along the mountain is taken along with the stories of Gergeti history being told to guests. Hotel is ordered for the night.

Day 5: Tbilisi - Mtskheta - Kutaisi
And of course the spiritual capital Mtskheta is must-visited site in the country, due to the idea of being the site of the unity of Aragvi and Mtkvari rivers. And then it gives the way to Jvari Monastery and Svetitskhoveli Cathedral. The monastery is known to be the very first church here, due to which serving the status of main one still our days. It was created in the 11th century. For seeing the nature of the country, the wine company Chateau Mukhrani should be visited, as here wine is produced. Along with it the locals will tell the secrets and traditions of wine-making and royal family. After the excursion night is taken in the hotel.

Day 6: Kutaisi - Martvili Canyon - Kinchkh Waterfall - Prometheus Cave - Kutaisi
We are glad to offer the opportunity to see the pearl of the country of the west side, the famous Martvili Canyon. It is one of the most well-known canyons, located at the Megrelia region. Here there was a creation of the gorge of 40m deep and 2400m long. For greater views the boat journey is offered to be taken today. For the next treasure of the country, the Okatse Canyon is visited and it is famous for the waterfall of Kinchkha. From Kutaisi, the route of 20km is made to Prometheus Cave. This cave is well identified for stalactites and stalagmites and underground rivers. Then you return to Kutaisi, where night is ordered in the hotel.

Day 7: Kutaisi - Borjomi
Historical location of fantastic natural meaning is visited today and identified with the surrounding territories of Kutaisi in Georgia, the UNESCO object Gelati Monastery. This is the location of great cultural meaning being the symbol of the Golden Age period. Here structures are created with amazing great blocks and facades of well proportions. Our tour is going on and now we visit the Motsameta Monastery, while having the trip along the foot of the River Tskhaltsitela-Red, the famous temple of the country. Going on, the Borjomi spa town is visited. Here you are able to view the springs of curative waters. Hotel is offered at the territory for the night.

Day 8: Borjomi - Vardzia - Uplistsikhe - Tbilisi
Please have breakfast and get to Vardzia. This is the location of rich history, of great cultural history. It is based at the Javakheti region, giving the way to the St. Nino monastery as well, with then giving the view of Khertvisi Fortress. It is made with the idea of taking the photos at the territory of the 10th century. Finding yourself at Vardzia, you are able to view the system of caves, making up the complex of the Golden Age (XII-XIII centuries). In Rabati Castle guests get to see the ancient location of Akhaltsikhe, of the 13th century. As the route to Tbilisi is organized, the cave town Uplistsikhe is also visited today as well. It is known to be the town carved in the volcanic rock of Kvernaki ridge. Hotel is offered for the night today.

Day 9: Tbilisi - Airport
In the morning you will be removed to landing field. 


Price per person:
02 pax - 2 450 $
04 pax - 1 730 $
06 pax - 1 500 $
08 pax - 1 390 $ 
10 pax - 1 350 $ 
Single - 420 $ 


Service includes:
- Guide
- Transport
- Full board
- Accommodation
        Tbilisi - "Astoria" 4*
        Kutaisi - "New Port Kutaisi" 4*
        Borjomi - "Borjomi Palace" 4*
        Telavi - "Holiday inn" 4*
- Mineral water
- Boat service in Kutaisi
- Entrances to all museums
- Wine testing in Mukhrani Winer
- Wine testing and master class in Khareba 



Service does not include:
- Flights
- Visa fee
- Medical insurance