Horse riding and hiking in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan Tours: 1914 Travel
Actions: Walking Tours
Destination: Kyrgyzstan
Duration: 9 days
On day 1. You will come to the Manas International Airport, and your guide will choose. You will be accompanied in the city of Bishkek. Then you have lunch. After lunch and suddenly at the hotel.
On day 2. Movement for visiting feeling Kochkor carpet workshop. Trekking around Kochkorka. After lunch and suddenly at the hotel.
3-5 days. After breakfast, trekking aimed-Kul Lake. Lunch on the road. Koyara village distance to travel ten miles Kochkorka walk upstream. Lunch and suddenly in tents. 5-6 hours, advancing every day, crossing two passes: 5-to 3260 m and 3700 m 5-day evening of the day you reach the Show-Kul lakes.
Day 6. Life in Syne-Kul lakes in yurts.
On day 7. Morning trip around Lake Show-Kul bar. After lunch and suddenly in tents.
On day 8. Go to Bishkek. After lunch and suddenly at the hotel.
Day 9. Meet your guide at the hotel and then give to the international airport "Manas".

Kyrgyzstan tours and travels

Kyrgyzstan travels and trips

Kyrgyzstan trips and tours

Kyrgyzstan tour and travel

Kyrgyzstan travel and trip

Kyrgyzstan trip and tour

Kyrgyzstan travels and tours

Kyrgyzstan trips and travels

Kyrgyzstan travel and tour

Kyrgyzstan trip and travel

Arabelskie syrty. A flat elevated area, located at altitudes ranging from 3,500 to 4,000 meters. Permafrost Arabelskoy fills the entire space of the valley. At szyrts many amazingly beautiful lakes. Most of them are located at the foot of Terskey Ala-Too, on the left bank of the river Arabel Suu. Here there are 50 lakes. Spatial lakes are divided into three groups: Arabelle - have the same name in the upper reaches of the pass-source Arabel Suu Jashi-Kel - in 2 kilometers south of the pass and Barskaun Zhuuku - in the same river watershed flowing into the lake of Issyk-Kul and the sources of Chontoru left tributary, which flows in a deep narrow canyon.
 Basin Lakes - glacial origin, situated on the lined, surface denudation syrt highlands. The lake shallow and most diverse forms. The largest lake south of the pass-Ara Belle. The area of 0.45 sq km water table The maximum level is observed in summer, winter, the level drops. All the lakes are frozen from October to May.