Kyrgyz memory

Passing Hyagas (most frequently used in the Tang Dynasty, the transcription of speech Kirghiz), they connect and flow to the north. " Perhaps a different interpretation of those words. When it comes to turning the Yenisei River below the confluence of the Angara River near Yeniseisk, the Kyrgyz border area approximately coincides with the current ethnographic boundary Turkish peoples (the so-called "Siberian Tatars," since the Revolution, calling themselves Khakasses) with the Samoyeds and the Tungus. Field of the Yenisei Ostyaks starts now much farther north, near the village of Antsyferovoy, but preserved the memory of that first, they lived much farther south. If you mean turn of the Yenisei River below the confluence of Cana (which is more consistent with the definition of light), the northern border of Kyrgyzstan (and the spread of Turkish language) would then be much further south.