Kyrgyz nation

From all this, apparently, we can conclude that the Kyrgyz were oturechennymi Yenisei Ostyaks and waged war with their cousins, retaining its language. In the Yenisei Ostyaks preserved the tradition of an attack on them "from above", ie from the south, the mighty people kylix, but of course these stories may refer to more recent events. People boma has not reached a political association, each community had its own chief, independent of the other, while the head was the sole ruler of the Kirghiz, which bears the title story in Chinese azho. Neither Turkey nor the other, except the Chinese, the sources of this title does not, Professor. N. Kozmin thinks to know him in a Russian paper in 1701, which mentions "Ezersky (Ezer - one of the Kyrgyz labor) Judge Ojo" (hereinafter - Ojo and Odzhav). The document name appears in 1700 Botiazho, and the second part of the name can be interpreted as a title. From Chinese and some Western (especially Byzantine) sources, we know that in VI. first performance took place at the time of the people who called themselves Turks, led this nation were two brothers, whom the Chinese called the Tumen and Shedemi.