Kyrgyzstan borders

The brothers managed to subdue all the steppes and some cultural area from the borders of China to the borders of Byzantium and Persia; Tumen remained in the east, Shedemi went to the west, where, after he ruled his descendants. Tumen died in 553, the time of death is not specified Shedemi Chinese, Chavannes is trying to prove that there Shedemi Dilzibul or Silzibul, Byzantine sources, who died in 576 Orkhon inscriptions only in a few words spoken on the first Turkish kagan, bore the names of Bumyn (you can also read the boom) and Istemi, of submitting to them the peoples are mentioned, and Kyrgyz. The Chinese speak only as of the subordination of the West Kyrgyz-Turkish king as a doula, it is precisely the origin is not established; Chavannes believes that he was a descendant of Shedemi (Istemi) in the fifth generation. Dulu died in 653, after several setbacks and defeats, the time of its higher power was 638 when he obeyed the boma and gegu (at Chavannes Kie-Kou), here named as the Kirghiz. The power of the Turks spread for some time, therefore, not only in the Kirghiz, but also on their northern neighbors. Where did the northern border of the Kirghiz, and together with the distribution of the Turkish language, just is not specified, a response to this question is given the word Tang-shu, "all the rivers (the Yenisei Basin) flowed to the northeast.