Kyrgyzstan country

In the chapter on the Tang-shu generation Seyanto Kirghiz are not mentioned. From the data presented below can be concluded that the rise in Eastern Mongolia Seyanto refers to about the same time as the power of the Western Turkish Kagan doula, so that the Kirghiz, apparently, at one and the same time attacked the two branches of the Oghuz Turks from the east and west. Seyanto risen for the first time at the beginning of VII century. in connection with damage while the victorious Western Turkish katana Chulo, Chulo city in 611 was forced to retire in China. Seyanto at this time acted in alliance with other Turkish people, the Uighurs, the south-eastern neighbors the Kirghiz who occupied the country from the Selenga River to the west, and then there was a gap between them and the leader of the 629 Seyanto Domi was killed in fighting Uighur leader Tumidu. Even earlier, when the western Turkish rose Sheguy Hagan, Seyanto leaders abandoned their claims to Shad. These claims and then resumed the leader of the Yinan, first imposed the Eastern Turkish Kagan Heli (620-630), and then, after his defeat, who became the first person in Eastern Mongolia and ruled until 645, apparently it was a time of high power Seyanto, and by this time should be attributed obedience to the Kirghiz.