Kyrgyzstan trips and travels

Kyrgyzstan Round: Round 002
Mission: Kyrgyzstan
Actions: Round Trekking
Duration: 12 days

Day 1: In the morning we will have an early start, enjoying the crisp morning air as the behavior of Ak-Dobo Barskoon valleys. After that you will pass Tarylga rivers and pass through the elegant wood under the beautiful snow mountains. You will enjoy the representation of largely open pasture, where the shepherds of a congestion affected them. A dinner and overnight is in tents n Kok-Bulak a valley.
Day 2: Today we start trekking Kok-Bulak, you will cross the river Kichi-Jargylchak and will pass through jailoo Kindik (meadow). Dinner is organized on the road. In a way down you will pass through is astonishing palette of rich colors and interesting representations will test a mountainous landscape and Lake Issyk Kul. A dinner and overnight at Kok-Белла Valley.
Day 3: After a morning, trekking to strengthen Kok-Белла. Your path will lead you Juuku valley where the car will take you with fresh water. After a dinner to start living for others Клеверу-Su. Dinner is organized on the road. Since that day the vehicle will carry all food and equipment support.
Day 4: Trekking through Клевер-Suu, you'll see and test the validity of nomadic Kyrgyz people. You will pass Clover Suu several times before returning to the valley base. A dinner and overnight is in tents.
Day 5: After breakfast trekking to Juuku Valley. Like yours would not hold your mechanism, you can pass through the flat part. You will more than meet Kyrgyz shepherds and will be invited to have dinner and Kymyz "(a national drink of milk to an excited Mare). This impressive car gently to Mountain above 4808 m. Dinner and overnight is in Now Чона-valley.
Day 6: Today we begin a march through the valley Juuku Juuku m.Darka Pass as 3633 is organized on the road. By the way, you will see double lake Jashyl ​​named Kohl, who accordingly named Green Lake. Trekking in the Valley will continue Orphan-Белл Arabel (3993 m). A dinner and overnight is in tents.
Day 7: in the morning, we will start with a trekking away from the river to Ak-Белла Taragay (3833 m) in the river Kara-Sai. Here you manage to see mountain goats and wild Marco Polo sheep. Then the lake поезжайте Kyrtash.
Day 8: Today you will Kyrtash trekking round the lake, you'll go to one side of the Canyon South Ak-Shyirak, Baralbas along the river, about 25 kilometers from the border with China. Overnight is in tents.
Day 9: Today you will be a surprising one trip trekking through Ak-Shyirak Canyon, crossing the river many times. You stop to visit some of the shepherds and have dinner with them. In the afternoon you will be a trekking in the valley of the Kara-Sai. A dinner and overnight is in tents.
Day 10: After a delightful breakfast we start trekking round the valley of the Kyzyl-will acquire. In the afternoon you will cross the river Taragay. You will enjoy the open top through beautiful valleys and high mountain pastures. River Camp Located SUEK-Su.
Day 11: Today you will be trekking from one round-Su SUEK, you will cross rivers and pastures needed for a valley-rock-top. Here you can see the beautiful representations of a mountain chain on the border with China in the distance. A dinner and overnight is in tents.
Day 12: In the morning you start to drive away from a rocky valley-needed-ball along the Alpine lake-Colonel Okurgon SUEK Pass (4028 m). After a dinner in the mountains to travel back in Barskoon in support of a vehicle. Dinner is organized on the road. You will have dinner and overnight is in yurtas.

Aalam Ordo, cultural and ethnographic center. Located 8 km east of Kaji-Sai, the southern shore of Lake Issyk-Kul. According to the authors of the cultural center Tashkula Kereksizova, Aalam Ordo has become a kind of "center of the Universe", gathered the main human values. (He is the author of "Cultural Centre Ruh Ordo Tashkul Ata", built on the north shore of Lake Issyk-Kul in the resort area of ​​Cholpon-Ata).
 Those interested can find here almost all Kyrgyzstani traditions and customs. In addition, this center will feature traditional symbols of Kirghiz people - eagles, hawks and other animals.
 In the yurt will be heard ringing komuz, offered a variety of national drinks. The sale and consumption of alcohol is totally banned. Photos.