Alpinism opportunities

Just on having the idea to travel in Kyrgyzstan invitees always have a desire to get to know closer the countries opportunities, as mountains are always magnetic and breath-taking. That is why we have decided to create this article. So, first coming to the country it is better to know of the chance to rent a car and wander about the country with comfort. At the same time Kyrgyzstan is seen as the country of mountain-opportunities, due to the mountain location. So, being here everyone is able to go hiking or trekking along the heights. In the past times, in the times of the Soviets, it was not allowed to have a tour in the mountains, as heights were prohibited. But anyway some of the people were able to get special permissions, giving the opportunity to get to the heights.

During the tour in the country with our professional guides, guests are going to get in touch with the details of historical facts, of all the approvals and limitations, good and bad of the mountains. At the same time please bear in mind, that high in the mountains it can be rather dangerous, as there are often avalanches happening.

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On cars rented it is possible to cover long distances of the mountains, even getting to the sites, tending to be the starting points for vaulting of peaks of 7000m. In the past times there was the award Snow Leopard, given to those able to vault the heights of 7000m peaks. By the way, about 600 climbers were lucky to get such an award. And today you are the one to travel in the country and view all of its splendid sites.