Issyk Kul lake or incredible views in front of view

In our mountainous country, there is such an incredible lake as Issyk Kul, which boasts its name as the pearl of the country. You can also learn that the lake is translated from Kyrgyz as "warm lake", and enjoy its location, that it is located right in the heart of the mountains. You can also learn that it never freezes, as it is salty. According to the legend that tells how the lake was created and why it is salty, you can explore in our tours. And so, in ancient times, there was a city that was destroyed due to an earthquake. And in tours of Kyrgyzstan, you can find out that several girls were not in the city and so when they came they saw only ruins and rubble instead of the city, so they cried bitterly and filled the city with their tears.

And we are ready to create special tours for you in Kyrgyzstan with beautiful landscapes and views, where you can rent a car and learn about the fact that from 1856 to 2002, the water level of the lake has lost 8.5 meters. You will also be able to explore during the tour that there are mountain ranges on the lake that are called Kungei Alatoo in the north, and Terskey Alatoo in the south. Here on the lake there are various types of fish. During the tours in Kyrgyzstan relaxing on the beach, the tourists will be able to buy fish as bream, carp and Osman. You can rent a car, and enjoy the scenery of nature, enjoy the clean air, water and atmosphere.