Issyk Kul Lake

Issyk Kul Lake, Kyrgyzstan tours. 

The pearl of Kyrgyzstan, located in the heart of the mountain, draws many visitors and distinguishes Issyk Kul Lake. Rent a car on your Kyrgyzstan tour and you can see the beautiful backdrop of the "warm lake" The lake never actually freezes. In the case of the past, a city once stood, and an obsolete city triggered earthquakes. The young women were out of town at this period, and when they returned, they found the disaster area weeping sharply and overflowing the void. Our business is ready to visit the lake whose water level falls between 1856 and 2002 around 8.5 meters.

People travelling on tours in Kyrgyzstan can see the lake with lots of fish in the Kungey Alatau Mountains in the north and the Alatau Mountains in the south on Terskey. There is a nude Osman, a Chebak, and a carp in the lake. In Kyrgyzstan, anyone can create car rentals and feel the pristine quality of the water and the air on tours.