Kyrgyz traditional drinks

The Kyrgyz are one of the ancient peoples. Like any ethnic group in the world, they have their own unique national drinks. It is in food, including drinks, that the ancient traditions of the people were the most stable. The range of drinks and methods of their preparation, which have been developed and developed over the centuries, are deeply original and original.  In our tours we propose a car rent for your comfort during tours.

Kymyz is a national drink of Kyrgyzstan. It is a fermented milk drink made usually from mare's milk, obtained as a result of lactic acid and alcoholic fermentation with the help of Bulgarian and acidophilic lactic acid sticks and yeast. The drink is foamy, whitish in color, the taste is sour-sweet.

Maksym and Jarma
There are many varieties of cooking technology, which is why maksym, made by ten housewives in the same village, differed in ten different flavors. Sometimes barley talkan is mixed with corn or wheat. The best quality maksym is obtained from barley talkan. Maksym, made from it, ferments well, oatmeal does not settle in it and, most importantly, it is pleasant to the taste. Depending on which talkan is used for making maksym, it is called differently, barley maksym, wheat maksym, etc.

Airan is a fermented milk product with healing properties. It contains a lot of proteins in its pure form, lactic acid, vitamins, useful microorganisms, etc. Ayran helps to improve digestion, appetite, and promotes the absorption of fatty foods. The usefulness and healthfulness of ayran and similar fermented milk products, for example, zhurat, has been proven by both traditional medicine and science.

Ak serke
Ak serke meat broth, seasoned with kumis or airan. You can try it if you have a chance during tours in Kyrgyzstan. Tours in Kyrgyzstan give opportunity to feel nomadic culture. Also you can take a car rent.

Bozo is a natural, national drink of the Kyrgyz people. It is very useful for women and children, and men prefer to drink it for 3-4 days. Since, then bozo acquires a weak alcoholic degree, but it does not lose its useful properties. Bozo raises hemoglobin well, strengthens the immune system.