Lenin Top

Our guides have such a great inspiration each time making the introduction with the mountains of Kyrgyzstan. This means the country is famous for the tours being taken along the sites identified as the peaks of Kyrgyzstan. Many of them are of a great height, so that they can't be reached by the ordinary people. And one of the most popular one is Lenin Top. That is why for the surroundings of the top to be viewed, we rent a car and travel to 7134 m.

The opportunity of renting a car opens the opportunities for seeing the breath-taking views, being of great splendor. The area is famous basically for the many climbers taking the peak as the hiking aim. Not all of the people can get there. In the past times, of the Soviets, the visiting of the mountains was prohibited, as heights were not investigated. Those people taking the car for rent, have a chance to see the beauties of nature, as it is greatly pristine. Your tour will be always aimed at the most amazing destinations, where you can travel for getting in touch with the most unforgettable locations.