Peak Lenin

The next destination of our tour is the Lenin Peak Review, located in Kyrgyzstan's Osh Region. Any visitor is now free to become a part of the tour that goes along Tajikistan's border. The mountain's height is 7134 m. During tours in Kyrgyzstan, the land of the peak can be accessed by a car rental service. Yet it can't really get to the top of the mountain, since the clouds shelter it.

The weather here is unpredictable depending on the height, as up in the mountains. The mountain was identified by A.P., a scholar. Fedchanko, in 1871, when he was here. In the past, in honor of the governor and the Soviet king, the name of the peak was given as Peak Kaufman. Then the name of the new leader of the time became the name of the peak.

The first ride was made in 1929 when non-members of the tour tried to get to the top of it. The leap was then replicated by the Soviet Red Army, whose participants managed to vault and erect Lenin's memorial. Following these activities, the expedition of 301 made an anniversary leap in 1967. This jump gave average citizens the opportunity to learn about more than 16 routes.

For those who fly in the country on their own or with the company of Kyrgyz car rental professionals, the mountains may be unsafe. Anyway, the weather is changeable and it is important to know the data on how to be healthy over there. Tragic occurrences occurred in 1974, when the women's team was hit by a tornado, and then in 1991, the earthquake struck a team of about 44 people. So, you can rent a car and feel comfortable in Kyrgyzstan.