Rukh Ordo complex

Rukh Ordo complex is one of the ancient centers of communication of people and different religions. Also, it is the center of bartering feelings and views and of course the mutual enhancement of cultures. Being on the tours in Kyrgyzstan, travelers can improve the trip with the seeing the world of religions, traditions and ancient events.

People who use car rent in Kyrgyzstan and get tours can get acquainted with the facts from the scientific point of view lengthways with some facts of imaginary. The emergence of the complex is deliberate. People wished to make the place which comprises all religions and nations. This is the place which is chosen throughout the visiting of various leaders. In the south the complex is eroded by the Issyk Kul lake, and in the north, it is bordered by Kungei Ala Too. The foremost idea of the complex are 5 main religions, close to each other. It is worth travelling in Kyrgyzstan and rent a car in order to open the way to feel the spiritual aspect of the creation of the building itself. It is presented by white chapels, and represent the tolerance of the people to each other, the requirement to respect the others. On the tour in Kyrgyzstan, explorers travel along the region, the territory of the complex and submerge in history by car rent.