Stomping grounds

Territory in Kyrgyzstan is basically represented by mountains, which are usually the aim of any tour to be taken. For now we are ready to offer various route plans for those who take drivers and travel in the group as well as those who prefer rent cars and travel on their own or with close people. Sometimes guests take cars for a tour and wander about the country not knowing basic things. So, we would like to inform you. So, talking about the country it is the heart of Central Asia.

The service of renting cars gives opportunities to see all of the territory estimated to be great - about 198,500 km2. Though it is one of the smallest countries, it has a lot of neighbors like China, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan. All of them are situated at different side of the state.

The Chui province of Kyrgyzstan takes various regions like Osh, Chuy, Talas, Naryn, Batken, Issyk-Kul, Jalal-Abad. Our managers are ready to tell more details which you are interested in, and in this case you will be ready to journey here with complete help of the company.

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