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Day 1: Flight to Tashkent and the hotel deal, then you'll have dinner.

Day 2: This day to study the images in Tashkent, one of the largest cities of ancient Central Asia, Uzbekistan capitals. In Tashkent Uzbekistan language means "stone city", and is also known as a city of contrasts withdrawal stroke. You will also see an old and modern city. A dinner. Motor to Samarkand (330 km). Arrive in Samarkand and hotel deals. A dinner at hotel restaurant. A dream in Samarkand

Day 3: Breakfast. Comprehensive study of images of the day in Samarkand, "a dark blue pro city": the history of Samarkand 2500 time concerns, and more from now on such a reference time of time of Timur dynasty and have the same value as masterpieces architectural ancient Egypt, China, India, Greece and Rome. Also you visit a handicraft workshop. A national home dinner with Uzbek Uzbek food intakes delightful. (Inquiry) Dream in Samarkand.
Day 4: This day to study the images in Samarkand. . Visit the Bibi Khanum mosque (XV c), Middle Market "Siyab market," Imam is scarlet - Bukhariy mausoleum. A dinner. Theatrical demonstration of national costumes - Fashion show free time. A dream in Samarkand.
Day 5: Breakfast. Motor to Bukhara (280 km, 3-4 in a way). In a way to make a stop to visit Malik rebates and a potter's workshop in Gijduvan known. A dinner in the ceramic studio. Arrival in Bukhara and hotel deals. A dream in Bukhara.
Day 6: This full day to study the images of the day in Bukhara: As mentioned in the holy book Bukhara - one of the most ancient Uzbek cities was based on a sacred hill of spring time Zoroastrians placed bids. This city was once the biggest commercial center in Big Silk road. A dinner at the lowest point Devan begi Madrassah folk screen. (Inquiry) Dream in Bukhara.
Day 7: This day visit Faizulla Khodjaev House Museum, Tea Houses, Sitorai Mokhi Hosa Palace (XIX ), once the country residence of the Emir's last. Here you can see one of the best examples of wonderful architecture. So-called "White Hall" with its Guncha figures carved mirror has a layer of special beauty. A dinner. A free time in leisure. A dream in Bukhara.
Day 8: Breakfast. Motor of Khiva (480 km). Through the Kizil-Kum desert. In that way you will be familiar with a landscape area, to arrive in Khiva and hotel deals. A free time for fun. A dream in Khiva.
Day 9: This day to study the images in Khiva: an iChat-Kala architectural ensemble - "Open Museum". History of Khorezm dates so long back from ancient times, that only a few civilizations can be equal to its age. You'll see mansions of the rich mosaic, unique and beautiful minarets, madrasahs and mosques. Pass at the airport in Urgench. Flight to Tashkent. Arrival in Tashkent. Spend the hotel, and deals. A dream in Tashkent.
Day 10: By the time of your initial data your guide will meet you at the hotel and will accompany you to the airport.



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