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 Day 1: Flight to Tashkent and the hotel deal, then you'll have dinner.
Day 2: This day trip to Tashkent. Center visited Tashkent, Amir Temur Square, Independence Square part, Old City of Tashkent-Imom Khas complex and Chor-Su market, Museum of Applied Arts. Leave the engine to Samarkand in the afternoon. Arrival in Samarkand, registered to the hotel. A dream hotel.
Day 3: This day to study the images in Samarkand, the survey of sights will include a visit to the famous Registan square, Shakhi-Zinda Complex, remains of Bibi-Khanum mosque, cemetery Shakhi-Zinda, the Gur-Emir Mausoleum , Ulugbek observatory. Free time in the afternoon. A dream hotel.
Day 4: Breakfast. Leave to go to Samarkand and Bukhara. Arrival in Bukhara, registered to the hotel. In Bukhara afternoon excursion. By visiting, whole Passes, Miri Arab Madrassah, Mosque Magoki-Attori, Ulugbek madrasah and Abdulazizkhan, pro trade, Lyabi Hauz complex, Madrassah Chor-small. A dream hotel.
Day 5: Bukhara Continue excursion. Visit the mausoleum of Samani dynasty, Castle Arch, Chashma-Ayub. A one-day trip to a summer palace of Bukhara Emirs Sitorai-Mokhikhosa. Free time during the day. A dream hotel.
Day 6: In the morning transfer to Khiva. During the engine stopped to see Amudarya river. Arrival in Khiva, registered to the hotel. A free time.
Day 7: This day to study the pictures of Khiva to spend the day in a World Heritage site by UNESCO-Qala fortress of iChat. In iChat-Qala fortress visit Mukhammad medresah Amina Khan, Mukhammad Rahimkhan Medresah, young Kalt. Free time in the afternoon. In the evening transfer to Urgench airport, flight to Tashkent. Arrival in Tashkent, go to the hotel. A dream hotel.
Day 8: In your time of initial data your guide will meet you at the hotel and will accompany you to the airport.


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Metro: Tashkent Metro is the only one in Central Asia and the design of the stations is considered one of the most beautiful in the former Soviet Union. Currently there are three existing metro lines: Uzbekistanskaya (11 stations), Chilanzarskaya (12 stations) and Yunusabad (6 stations).
The nature of Uzbekistan. Nature reserves and national parks of Uzbekistan
 Opportunities for ecotourism in Uzbekistan
 The nature of Uzbekistan is extremely diverse. Here you'll find rugged mountains and hot deserts, deep rivers and arid steppe.
 Most of the territory of Uzbekistan is located on the Turan plain and sharp contrasts of different heights. Formed a Turan plate as a result of Paleozoic orogeny. For a long time it was covered by sea. Mountain systems were formed in the final phase of the Alpine Orogeny - mountains of the Tien Shan and Pamir-Alai, towering mountains of debris imposed on the plains, and superimposed on top of marine sediments.
 The growth of the mountains, cut off the country from the Indian Ocean contributed to aridity, and gradually emerged a huge desert. Wandering River and winds repeatedly redraw the loose rocks. This is how the sands of Kyzylkum and Karakum Desert. Often the image has changed the river network. For example, the Amu Darya was originally flowed into the Caspian Sea, and only later turned into the Aral. Varied as water content and moisture areas.

teaching staff of 86 new engineering and teaching fields. Complete the establishment of specialized trusts. In the year 2000 should be built and put into operation 180 new professional colleges and 15 academic lyceums, to each district and the city of the republic was achieved corresponding to modern requirements of a new type of educational institutions. By 2005, we have to create a modern network in the Republic of specialized secondary and vocational schools, vocational colleges represented in 1611 and 181 academic lyceums. This will ensure full coverage of 9th grade graduate secondary special vocational education. Based on the evolving macroeconomic situation and the sustained growth of the real economy in the country. Along with an increase in income necessary to enhance their purchasing power. You must continue to pursue tough anti-inflation measures and to reduce inflation in the next 5 years to 6-8 percent per year. Strengthen Social Security. Attention should be paid to the needs and demands of single elderly pensioners and the disabled.

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