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8 - the west was covered with carvings and gardens Znatok. Just a great and powerful Arik (small artificial channels), Sirchali a turn around the town on the south-west to north-east affiliates in iChat Kaly. North, Palva blow-limited current Arik Dish Kala contours of the wall and the southern border Zakkash channel. These roads were the natural boundaries of the amplification circuit inside the walls of the city.

The historical topography of the city is formed not only the natural landscape, such as iChat Kaly mountains, which are the life-giving moisture sources were not limited history of communication, Hivy neighboring colonies and neighboring countries, but the social and cultural horezmijtsev life is affected by the construction of the post-feudal city.

Office? Became the capital of the state of the power Dustkhan Budji ibn-chi, with a PS Zahidov However, according to the model in 1556.?. Afanaseva it was towards the sun male Asfandiyar-I (1623-1642) and Abdulgazi-kan (1643-1663). With all of that period of intense development in the Arab leadership Muhammad Khan (1602-1623), a monumental buildings such as Muhammad Muslim Arab male Seminar (1616), mosque and baths Anush-Khan (1657) also began to Muslim seminar started Khodamber -Dibay (1668th)

Economic and political crisis in the country and kaleidoscopic changes in the rules of the power struggle in the Balkans (khanbozi) Hivy disastrous effects not only life, but the whole Khorezm. In addition, the military occupation of Iran Hivy head Modiri-sha in 1740, resulting in the destruction of the country.

It is very likely that a significant decrease in this time of economic and political instability, Khanate, the area of ​​the city (shahristana). He grew up around the castle to the city and made Mazimov cards, check it out. Great for backup jobs Kuhn's Ark (1686-1688).